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    V Social Media Launches New Service For Dentists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Monday, December 16, 2019) —- Dental social media management company, V social media has launched the industry’s first ready-to-order dental social media plan system.

The company now offers a ‘buy now’ button offering local dentists the opportunity to buy one full month of social media on the spot.

The contract-free service was designed to offer a simple way for dental practices to obtain a high-quality social media presence free of commitments and long-term obligations.

Ready-to-order social media plans cost $299/mo and include a total of 36 posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“Our goal was to take what we have been doing for private clients for years and offer a simple way to provide our services on a higher scale. When deciding to launch this service, it was important to us that our company values of consistency, quality and originality would still be used in each plan. Quality should never be compromised for convenience or simplicity.” - Vincent Smith, Owner of V social media.

V social media provides social media services for all industries, but has honed in on the dental market in recent years. 

“I realized that dental offices tend to have a harder time sticking to a consistent system of social media posting because the nature of their work requires their full attention in order to best service their patients. We wanted to take the load off of dental practices that might feel pressured to maintain social media relevancy in today’s market.” - Smith

Plans are available to be customized with original office content in order to maintain a level of originality. 

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Vincent Smith is the owner of V Social Media, a company that provides social media services to dentists, businesses, brands and people. Smith obtained his B.A. in Communications from Howard University in 2011 and subsequently moved to Hollywood to embark on a career in entertainment; where he first took on projects like celebrity fragrances and Hollywood Productions. Fast-forward to today, V social media has become a leader in the field of dental  social media management through leveraging Smith’s knowledge of Hollywood’s aesthetically-pleasing style of production to tell the stories of oral health healers on social platforms.  

About Vincent Smith:

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                            Additional Information
Media Overview of media used in posts:
    The content used in social media posts includes one element of media along with text to support it. The three categories of media include: Photos, Videos, and Link Previews (Articles and Website Links). Each piece of media is accompanied by text that describes the media being used in the post. When relevant, the text will include a link that directs followers to either the client’s (doctor’s) website or the article that is being used.
    Photos: Photos used in social media plans can be broken down into two categories: high-resolution stock photos from and, if preferred, original office photos can be included in the social media plan to take the place of stock imagery. Such images can be sent via e-mail with a preferred caption or pulled from the client’s (doctor’s) website at their request. If no caption is provided, discretion will be used to create one that best fits the media provided.

    Videos (optional): Videos are another option for media to be included in social media plans. Videos can be sent via e-mail in either .MP4, .mov, or YouTube link format. Said videos should be sent via e-mail with a preferred caption. If no caption is provided, discretion will be used to create one that best fits the media provided. If additional video editing is requested, it can be done so at an hourly rate of $35/hr. 
    Link Previews: Link previews are included on Facebook & Twitter when links to websites are used as social media posts. Links can include dentistry articles which are pulled from reputable online publications and cover a variety of subjects relating to oral health. Or, if preferred, office website links that are specific to the client (doctor) can be used in the place of articles. In both cases, links for these posts will be pulled from the page that the post links back to.

For More Information on V social media’s ready-to-order dental service, visit:

                          About V social media

V social media is a social media management company that specializes in creating customized social media plans for businesses, brands, and people. Our misison is to enhance our clients' online presence through accurate messaging that aligns with the mission of the company. We stand by the belief that every business is unique and deserves to have their social media curated in a way that compliments it's individual identity. 

With a focus on posting original content coupled with consistency, V social media serves as the bridge of communication between your company message and your everyday and/or prospective customers through consicise, impactful and consistent interactions.

Social media is not only used by, but has discovered some of the most recognizable names and brands of our current time. Most business today participate in social media because its value is necessary to stand out in today's market; no matter what type of business you do. As a company, we are proud to represent clients who are as passionate about their message as we are about promoting it in today's digital marketplace.

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